Meranze, Katz and Gaudioso PC was founded in 1953 by Bernard N. Katz who 1now serves as Of Counsel to the Firm. At the end of World War II, Mr. Katz, who served in the Navy, utilized his GI Bill benefits to attend Temple University School of Law and obtained his law degree. From the outset, Mr. Katz dedicated his legal career to assisting working people in protecting their rights in the workplace and in securing wages, benefits and working conditions under collective bargaining agreements that would enable them to support their families and better their lives. Immediately after being admitted to the bar, Mr. Katz commenced practicing law under the mentorship of Herbert M. Syme, one of the pre-eminent labor and employment lawyers at the time in Pennsylvania. Upon Mr. Syme’s untimely death in 1953, Mr. Katz joined with Joseph B. Meranze, who shared his values based on assisting working people, and formed Meranze and Katz which today exists as Meranze, Katz and Gaudioso PC.


From the outset, the Firm limited its practice to representing workers in their work and personal lives as well as labor unions and employee benefit plans. Whether assisting workers in securing union representation, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, representing employee benefit funds or assisting workers with their work place or personal legal problems, the mission of the Firm has been and remains today assisting workers and their families to secure and protect the quality of their lives and resolve their legal problems in the most beneficial manner possible. As the Firm has grown and expanded, it has remained true to these fundamental values and mission statement.  Each of the lawyers at the Firm comes from a background rooted in the values of helping workers and their families improve the quality and security of their lives. In a time when the value, worth and financial security of workers are under attack by employers and politicians, the lawyers at Meranze, Katz and Gaudioso PC stand ready to assist you with your workplace and personal legal problems and to protect the life you have worked hard to achieve for you and your families.